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The Witcher 3's Most Famous Meme Is Now In Destiny 2

Geralt's bathtub emote arrives in Season of the Wish for $15

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Gif: Bungie / Kotaku

Destiny 2's Season of the Wish has arrived. In addition to a new patch, battle pass, and story content about finding dragon eggs to earn a wish, the update has also brought Witcher 3 armor and Easter eggs into Bungie’s loot shooter, including an emote for Geralt’s famous bath scene.

“Soggy armor is a small price to pay for true relaxation,” reads the flavor text for “Barrel Bath.” The new emote will let Guardians put their feet up and relax in a barrel of translucent blue light after a long day of focusing Engrams. It doesn’t come cheap, though. Barrel Bath costs 1,200 Silver, an annoying amount which is just 100 more than what you get for spending $10 on Destiny 2's premium currency. That means that you technically have to spend $15 to get the emote, and will have 400 Silver left over.


For those who aren’t acquainted with The Witcher 3 or Geralt of Rivia’s post-monster-slaying hygiene routine, CD Projekt Red’s beloved open-world fantasy RPG begins with a flashback to the titular Witcher soaking it up in his Kaer Morhen bedchambers. The first thing players hear is the splashing of water and the first thing they see are the soles of his feet dangling over the edge. The sorcerer Yennifer flirts with him by summoning a lobster that climbs in with him, forcing Geralt to get out buck naked and towel off. The Witcher manspreading in the tub instantly became a meme, CDPR made a statue of it, and the Netflix adaptation even paid homage by having Henry Cavill recreate the moment.

Geralt lounges in a barrel of water.
Image: CD Projekt Red

The Witcher 3 crossover with Destiny also includes armor sets for the Titan, Warlock, and Hunter classes that make each look like a different monster-hunting school of Witcher, complete with silver swords, chain-link mail, and leather straps. Finishers show Guardians using Geralt’s Sign magic, and a new Sparrow mount looks like a proper Witcher saddlebag turned into a futuristic speeder.


“Witchers are known for their proficiency in hunting and killing monsters,” Przemysław Juszczyk, CDPR’s head of franchise art, told the PlayStation Blog. “Every armor has to scream that it’s ready to deal with that type of encounter. We also included iconic Witcher elements: looking closer, you can spot the wolf medallion, two swords, Glagolitic script inscriptions. All this got the Destiny spin from talented Bungie artists. Even if everything is happening in a cosmic reality, I believe the spirit of The Witcher is present in every item introduced in our collaboration.”

I think they nailed it.