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Destiny 2 Promises More Content To Fill Void Left By Big Expansion Delay

Bungie reveals what players can do while waiting for The Final Shape's new release date

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A Guardian plots the next six months of their life.
Image: Bungie

Bungie has finally confirmed that The Final Shape, Destiny 2's major expansion 10 years in the making, has been delayed, and will now arrive June 4 instead of on its previously planned release date of February 27. More importantly, the studio explained what players will be doing in the meantime.

The Final Shape’s delay, first reported by Bloomberg, comes at a difficult time for the sci-fi MMO. Amid mass layoffs and missed revenue projections, Destiny 2 has struggled to hang onto players coming off of 2023's less than stellar Lightfall expansion. With the next major content drop coming in June instead of February, the big question was how Bungie will keep even more players from abandoning the live service game in the months ahead.


Game director Joe Blackburn teased an answer in a new blog post and YouTube video, and it’s not just extending Season of the Wish past its initial late February conclusion as many players had expected. Bungie will also be rolling out new weekly progression-based quests called Wishes at the time The Final Shape was originally set to drop, as well as moving ahead with the launch of new Moments of Triumph with unique rewards.

The Guardian Games event, meanwhile, will get moved up to March, while April will bring a free content update called Destiny 2: Into the Light which will “prepare players for their Guardian’s journey into the Traveler.” It appears to be aimed at getting new and lapsed players up-to-speed before the finale. Finally, PvP modes will continue to get reworked, with three new maps arriving in May.


That sounds like a lot of stuff but it remains to be seen just how interesting and involved the Wishes questlines and Into the Light update actually are. At least there will be reasons to check in with the game every week until June 4 arrives. Ultimately, the only thing players really want from Destiny 2 right now is for the conclusion to 10 years of grinding through its loot and story drops to feel impactful, surprising, and satisfying. Hopefully the new content coming before then doesn’t just feel like more filler that distracts from The Final Shape.


“I’m going to be honest, we’ve been holding some cards close to our chest on this one and I’m going to ask that you bear with us for a little bit longer,” Blackburn said. “because we think a bunch of the systms and gameplay that we want to talk about are things you needs to see not just hear so in April when we come back with gameplay for The Final Shape we want the game to speak for itself.”