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Sounds like the Starfield feelings out there. Did you have a lot of fun, Yes, but its not that much different from its predecessor, and we swish it would have reduced the flaws

I tried three times over the whole day yesterday to play this game with a couple of my friends I played Payday 2 with and we weren’t able to start the game a single time. Very weak showing.

My son was showing me many of the crazy weapons he crafted. The auto rifle that “shoots” aggressive frame shotgun shells was the weirdest. You have the range and rapid firing of the auto, but each bullet has multiple pellet hits like a shell. Crits would melt any yellow bar. Read more

A reminder your local library allows you to get games for free. Read more

Do you post this in every Destiny article?

This game feels like a classic 7/10 Game. Which, some of my favorite games are 7/10 games, and this one feels like one of those that will scratch some particular itches for me, so I’m pretty excited (/dreading, given the rest of the release schedule) to check this one out.

If you go purely by number of hours played, then these need to be in there...

The thing I miss most is print media and demo discs. Some of my strongest gaming memories are of games I never even owned: demos I played over and over, or even just games I would read about and imagine. In an era when there are so many games available for free or included in subscription services, it’s funny to be Read more

Passed on the OG PlayStation as I was doing Amiga 1200 and Sega Game Gear at that time, although I spent a number of hours amazed by WipeOut on a friend’s machine. Read more

I’ve been consistently playing Tears of the Kingdom for an hour a week. So I should have that done in another few months -_-. Read more

I want to travel to the alternate dimension where Platinum made Vanquish 2 instead of Bayonetta 3. Unfortunately, our reality is the one where Vanquish was a commercial failure. People just weren’t ready for a cigarette-smoking Clint Eastwood archetype in a power suit who slides around Russian-backed enemy forces.

so i’ve been playing quite a bit of it. i think it’s good mechanically and the absurd narrative pairs really well with bonkers premise but i couldn’t bring myself to write about it for one reason: i’m exhausted with needless live-service elements. idk, i feel like exoprimal would be a much better game if, like i was le Read more

GT7 for me. My buddy beat my qualifying time for one of the online races by like a second and a half (an eternity in racing), so now I gotta get it back

A few days ago i commented on some guide article about how this website sure has changed and someone replied “elaborate”. And well... now this happened. Read more

I’d assume it’s not confidential, but the sheer amount of playtesting they’ve been doing for months in my city is just crazy. A bunch of friends at school have been playtesting it for a while now, one of their studios being literally in the same building

Honestly, it’s a great game.

I just miss having a party. And everything that comes with that. Party banter, managing equipment, planning out how a fight will go beyond ‘main guy swings sword.’

I miss thinking ‘I wonder if they’ll join my party!’ instead of ‘I wonder if they’ll die to motivate clive.’

I miss the sense of Read more

Yeeaaa.. as a bit of an old schooler, I’m just not a fan of the combat. Hence why I fell off the series starting with 13. I don’t need all this “action” they keep force-ably injecting in the games. I enjoyed the first and third Devil May Cry games, but I haven’t had any interest in returning to the series or any Read more

I only have a little time this weekend, so I'm checking out the Ghost Trick demo.

This story is actually important for a lot of reasons that are still relevant (disclaimer: I work with these people and on these stories.) Here’s the original report:
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I’ll give them $50 CAD for the whole company.