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This site regularly criticizes C-suite executives of gaming companies, and this article is explicitly about female journalists and developers. That’s the text of this article. Representation in this context refers to the gaming news desks that cover games and the development teams whose labor produces the games we all Read more

I’m a white man who has benefited greatly from my privilege over the years (even if I haven’t always been aware of it) so I know my voice probably shouldn’t be the loudest on this issue, but my god even I’m sick of how many talentless white men have infested this industry I love. Read more

People seem to be skipping over that it lets 1 person play a game while others use the TV. Read more

god you IT people are so awful to be around

but FFXVI is all but impossible to read at times. If you think this text was small on a 50” TV, it’s inscrutable on an 8-inch screen.” Read more

Using Portal also won’t “free up” the console so one person can play on TV while the other plays on handheld.” Read more

The fact that companies have essentially abandoned giving us actual plugs anymore and expect us to provide our own adapters is getting to be a bit much -- especially for premium-priced products like this. I expect it from some $30 Echo Dot, but not a device I paid $200 for. 

If only they could have seen this cumming...

My controversial take is that Persona 5 has the absolute weakest cast of any of the games since 3, and one of my least favorite casts in a game that I actually completed (usually when they suck, I just drop the game and move on.)


Ryuji: Dumb, annoying shithead who reliably makes the worst decision possible Read more

Have they talked at all about how they plan on handling power creep in installments 2 and 3? I’m thinking specifically how you got all the high level magic, for example, at the end of Remake when that was something you wouldn’t get until much later in the game in the original. Read more