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A Godlike Elden Ring Player Is Helping Thousands Kill The Final Boss

LetMeSoloThem has aided some 3,000 players in laying the Elden Beast to rest

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Elden Ring's newest legendary hero, supersaiyanvidel (aka LetMeSoloThem), is soaring through a moonlit sky.
Look up at the moon and you’ll see their silhouette.
Image: LetMeSoloThem

Hear ye, hear ye, fellow Tarnished, for another Elden Ring legend has been born. This time, instead of a loin cloth-wearing guy with a jar on his head that solos the scarlet rot goddess Malenia, it’s a loin cloth-wearing girl with a jar on her head that has helped some 3,000 other players slay the game’s final boss.

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Not long after Elden Ring dropped on February 25, 2022, The Lands Between were rocked by a super-skilled player who braved one of the game’s most challenging enemies—Malenia, Blade of Miquella. With nothing but two katanas, some white speedos, and a jar on their head, Let Me Solo Her become a total legend in the community, helping Tarnished the world over take down the rotting queen. It was impressive and touching watching some random player offer themselves up as both sword and shield to kill what many have deemed Elden Ring’s ultimate roadblock. Let Me Solo Her established their legacy, with publisher Bandai Namco even gifting them swords IRL for their achievement. In taking inspiration from such a legendary player, another Tarnished who goes by the Reddit username supersaiyanvidel has taken up a similar mantle, lending her twinblades to assist with the game’s final big bad.


3,000 down, another 2,000 to go


Supersaiyanvidel, who also goes by LetMeSoloThem in-game, has been on a tirade against the Elden Beast for the last several months, publishing videos on her YouTube channel of her copious victories against Elden Ring’s final boss. She’s bodied the gelatinous foe without locking on, killed the thing without taking a single hit, and slayed the blob monster without leveling up. All of these feats are cool, but what makes LetMeSoloThem a new legendary hero in The Lands Between is how she has helped 3,000 players defeat the Elden Beast.


In a post on the subreddit r/Gaming, LetMeSoloThem shared that lending a hand to 3,000 other players was a goal of hers. LetMeSoloThem mingled with folks in the comments, offering helpful advice and encouraging words. Some players thanked LetMeSoloThem for her assistance with the boss. Others criticized the player for copying Let Me Solo Her in both name and character design. Still, the community was grateful that someone, anyone, was willing to help out with what could be a pretty difficult final boss encounter.


A redditor in the comments asked LetMeSoloThem whether the people summoning her were facing the Elden Beast for the first time or not. That seemed like a moot question as she just wanted to help out regardless.


“The first 1,000 were [people on their] third run and up [against the Elden Beast], but the next 2,000 were people on their first and second runs (as I sent a lower-level character to the Erd Tree),” LetMeSoloThem said. “Some people like to overcome these challenges by themselves as it can feel gratifying to finally beat something you have been stuck on, but other people may not have the patience or perseverance, or perhaps they have used summons to get through most of the game! I just like to make sure I’m there for folks in need.”

Eight playthroughs and 2,000 hours later

Elden Ring's newest hero, supersaiyanvidel (aka LetMeSoloThem), is pondering the difficulty in The Lands Between.
Hm, another 2,000 Tarnished to help out...
Image: LetMeSoloThem

In Reddit messages with Kotaku, LetMeSoloThem explained that because the final boss is technically a two-part fight, with Radagon of the Golden Order coming just before the Elden Beast, she’s actually helping players battle two very challenging enemies. This is where part of the inspiration came from.

“I would often see a lot of people complaining about Radagon and Elden Beast and requesting help with the final boss on Reddit,” LetMeSoloThem said. “So, I decided to start putting my sign down near the boss’s door!”


Another inspiration was Let Me Solo Her, the legendary player that’s helped countless Tarnished with Malenia. In her eyes, Let Me Solo Her is a hero that’s “spreading a wonderful message to the community of helping others rather than telling them to ‘git gud.’” That’s a touching sentiment that comes with drawbacks since she’s been criticized for copying Let Me Solo Her’s likeness and premise. She isn’t too bothered by the comparisons, though.

“That’s fine,” LetMeSoloThem said. “I would say there are a couple of people in the Elden Ring community that dawn a similar name and Jarnished attire. But our intentions are to honor [Let Me Solo Her] and his legacy and help players who are struggling with certain boss encounters. Everyone enjoys the game differently. I’m just here to support those that need an extra helping hand.”


With eight playthroughs and over 2,000 hours under her belt, you might think LetMeSoloThem would get tired of either beating Elden Ring or helping other players finish the game. That couldn’t be further from the truth, especially with the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion on the horizon.

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“It’s always exhilarating,” LetMeSoloThem said. “I especially appreciate when people I helped reach out to me after the fight to thank me. Even a simple bow at the end of a battle makes me smile. It’s really fun and every encounter is unique. [As far as what’s next], ​​well after [reaching my next goal of helping 5,000 Tarnished], I would expect the DLC to be out! So I will definitely start helping people there if there’s any particularly hard fight.”

Being there for folks in need is right, as LetMeSoloThem’s new goal means helping another 2,000 players destroy the Elden Beast. Who knows? Maybe you’ll run into the jar-wearing, loin-cloth-clad, twinblade-wielding hero the next time you fight Elden Ring’s final boss. I know I’m going to try to call her up.


Update, 03/29/23, 10:30 a.m. ET: Added comments from LetMeSoloThem.