Choices – what would life be like without them?

Choices – what would human life be like without choices?

If there are no choices, that would mean no freedom – what happens when an organized religion or government removes your freedom? – People object either privately or publicly. If one has no choices and hence no freedoms, then it really leaves little purpose or drive for human life; I am not talking about the choices for example of what toothpaste to use or soap to use in the laundry, I am talking more of the philosophical choices.

If there is no choice, there is no reason for being.  With choice comes superiority for oneself.  Now, if you think you are right, not only are you right for yourself, you then along with those of like mind, impose those controls upon others. So those that think they are right, then set laws. For the most part, laws are made or imposed by those who benefit the most. If you don’t follow the laws, then you must be punished. If you think murder is wrong, then a “murderer” must be punished to the degree or severity of the so-called crime. Does “society” or law makers have the right to control?

If you are working for an employee, and that has it’s own set of laws/rules/policies, then you know that as long as you appear at work and do your job, follow the rules, you will get monetary compensation. The moment you chose not to follow the “rules,” you will get fired. Within this scenario, the instilled fear in one of that perhaps if you are fired, you will not have money to eat or pay bills… or – Ultimately, does any human truly experience freedom? We theoretically are all slaves to the master of money/currency.

It is those that impose laws of control that need the view of “high value” of human life. How else can they sell salvation? Without selling salvation, they no longer generate revenue as after all, organized religion is a business. Think of the fact that if the Catholic Church really cared about hunger for the poor, they could feed all with the financial resources they hold. Perhaps the gold, the art, the buildings – could be food and shelter.

One needs choice to support either side of an energy wave – either plus or minus or positive/negative which gives rise to absolute truth – absolute truth can be true or false depending on subjectivity – all depending on one’s perception which is one’s reality.  That reality is dynamic and changes constantly.

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