Tragedy or Destiny?

Is death a tragedy or perhaps destiny or “it was the time?” Without a doubt, one empathizes with the physical loss of human life for those that experience the death of someone within their family or immediate circle of friends. Often one hears the line and it is especially true of main stream media: “Their lives were cut short well before their time.” I find it interesting that such attention is given to the death of 2 people such as that in Virginia on August 26, 2015, with little or no reporting on the thousand of deaths that happen daily. That sidebar comment being made, on to the tragedy or destiny topic.

The “view or belief” of the majority of humankind is that human life is one of high value. Hence comes punishment from society for those that end the physical life. For those that don’t buy into the concept of energy or that all in the universe is energy, then this post is a moot point for you – go watch TV or eat fries. As energy can never die, that would mean that the energetic side/spiritual body of the human does not die either. If I take that further, that would mean that murder, the taking of a soul/spirit, is non-existent.  If the energetic/spiritual body has always been, is now and will always be, then how can there be death of the soul?  It is death of the physical only, as the spirit or soul remains in tact. Where is the tragedy in that? From my perspective, the tragedy is the ignorance or lack of awareness of humanity. Humanity has followed organized religion, controls of government, culture and family to the extent of not thinking for themselves.

For the most part, humans actions center around their belief of what happens to them when the physical body dies. People have relationships, children, pets for what? Someone to love them.  Therefore when that “someone” dies physically, it becomes a tragedy and for some humans, the loss is so great they don’t seem to ever get over it. Many spend their lifetime, and I might add at the expensive of their living family/friends, seeking retribution to those who “stole” their loved one/s from them. I just listened to a clip of the father of the reporter that died and all that he can say is I will never get her texts, I will never get to see her, I this, I that –  Nothing is ever mentioned about his own daughter other than what he is feeling.

You depend on others for your happiness. Your family and friends are sorrowed that your life was cut short. Is it you the dead one, or is it themselves they feel sorry for? What do they say.. I will never get to see them to this or do that….. I think that most are sad for themselves – the human that no longer exists really doesn’t care.  They don’t care about your feelings or ever seeing you again.

From my perspective, everything that happens is a result of energy. Your thoughts are energy, your movements are energy, everything is a transfer and manipulation of energy. Every thought that has been thought still exists. Humans, for the most part, always have choices – decisions are made based on their belief system. Actions/decisions are generally made to satisfy a dominate need such as hunger, shelter….. or actions are things one does to make oneself happy. If you knew your path/destiny and when you were going to die, that would definitely change how one acts/reacts in their decision making process. Can you imagine if you know the hour/day you were going to die – what would you do differently? Perhaps your motives would all be different depending on what you thought happened to you when you die.

Your spirit, your soul family, sent you down to this planet to be hosted by a human in a particular. As there are human races, there are spirit races. You were given intention and motivation and a path to follow.  Your soul family knew/knows when you were going to be done on this planet – but if you knew, would you have done what have you done and perhaps walked the path that you thought was right for you?  Probably not. Everything happens for a reason, an energetic reason; as with synchronicity, you know, the people you meet on your journey that you were meant to meet or things happen out of the blue – all meant to be, all set in place without you consciously being aware of.  The 2 people in Virginia – it was their time – Prove me wrong as the saying goes. We are all puppets of the spirit race from which we are from. Aliens, yep we are their puppets. Humans are doing their work.

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