Racism – Is It Real Life or In Your Mind? Part II

Onward with my perspective on why racism is both real life and in your mind. Humans were, from my perspective, put on this planet for one thing – to be slaves. The more slaves the merrier I guess for the masters. How do you get more slaves? Procreation! Instead of people thinking about the life they are bringing children into, what do they do? They bang their brains out and keep the slave factory in tact. Look at all the so-called undeveloped countries; limitless slaves being born to work for the masters. Humans are all slaves to something, including the millionaire/billionaire who constantly obsesses over his pile of money or gold that his slaves and minions have made for her/him. If you ever travelled to India or Brasil, a quick breath of air in a populated area, will quickly give one an idea that there are too many humans inhabiting the space.

There are masters and slaves in every human race and history has shown that to be. The Blacks were the first to sell their own race. The Whites never got involved with that until the Colonization of Africa. The Whites sell their own race, the Asians sell their own race, the East Indians sell their own race and so on. Every race has it’s own classes or cast system; a few masters and many slaves. Every class bones the class below them. Why is it that foreigners come to other countries? Often because they have the money to get away from those of their own race that they have enslaved. For the most part, these foreigners sold those within their race into debt. The masters used and abused all their own countryman/race, to make profit at the expense and the demeaning of those of their same bloodline/race.

Are we all born equal? Not a chance. Within races you will have masters and slaves based on monetary status, based on IQ, based on bodily capabilities, based on gender, based on age. I have seen first hand in Brasil; children/slaves are born to go out and beg for the parents, then after the children hit the age of 8, they no longer generate revenue for the parents. What do the parents do – they put them out for adoption because they no longer are good efficient slaves. Perhaps it is those parents that procreate out of stupidity, that need a kick in the butt.

Then there is procreation between races. What happens when dogs procreate between breeds? Mongrels! The DNA from an African has no Neanderthal mixed in. That would result in a different type of resistance to pathogens and diseases. Mixed races are in effect genetically modified. How is that working out if you eat a fish that is a blend between wild and farmed? Or the new GE’d (Genetically modified) fish that some governments are trying to put on your table? Or GMO foods? The end result is coming soon to a human near you!

Imagine that if, every morning you got up and instead of thinking of all the crap that someone or “another race” is going to throw at you, why not walk out the door and own your own world.  Be the master of your own world. If you don’t think it so, then it won’t be or as Henry Ford’s famous line: “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right!” If you walk into your boss’s office (I really don’t like that word), and think you are not qualified or you are inferior to her/him, then you make it so vibrationally. Your manager/boss, will react whether subconsciously or not, according to what you are thinking/living/vibrating. You are what you are, because you think you are. I have this saying: If you want to live a life, live from the heart. If you want to create a world for yourself, think it into reality.  Whose reality?  Your reality is the only one that matters for you!

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