Racism – Is it Real Life or In Your Mind? Part I

From my perspective, racism is real and in one’s mind. If your reality is truth to you and my reality is truth to me, then what one thinks whether subconsciously or rationally, becomes “real” for the person whose thoughts they are. We each have our own reality or what is truth to us.  It is this “reality” that forms our individual world and the therefore the life we lead. We each could have opposite opinions on a subject but to each of us, our opinion is truth for us. That is your or my reality. It is truly awesome when 2 people can have a conversation that is polar opposite, yet still can have a coffee or tea after without being upset at each other. The moment one thinks or insists that the other should agree or come into their reality, that instantly becomes a type of control.

It is important that I add this caveat:  How you interact or treat someone is your choice and yours alone. That out of the way, I will get into the “meat” of this particular topic. Control freaks from the government, to organized religion, culture, family and the like, all try to impose equality with the threat of imprisonment, monetary fines, death – you name it. How is that working out for humanity? Not very well. The moment “someone or an entity” tries to impose control, humans tend to object. If they don’t object publicly, they do so privately; well at least they think they are enjoying privacy until they find out someone was rolling tape or that smart phone was doing what it does so well. Is it really anyone else’s concern what anyone thinks about anyone else?  No, but there are those that think it is public domain. If you don’t like what someone or some company is doing both ethically and physically, don’t support them. If they own housing, don’t buy or rent from them – there are a myriad of ways by which to protest silently and effectively. Those governments and organizations that choose to exercise a certain reality are in effect, trying or manipulating mankind via control. Instilling fear in others is the ultimate form of control.

The unconditionality of the universe is such that if you decide to protest in a negative way either by rioting, looting or other violent acts, then you bring more of rioting, looting and violence into your life and those around you. The universe does this: back at you! The more and intense you become, the faster and more intense the universe gives it right back to you. You personally control the world you are creating by your intensity of thoughts.

Racism is purely in your mind. You create the world in which you live by your thoughts which is your reality and yours alone.  If you get up every morning and think someone will do a racist act to you (whatever that may entail), then a racist act to you will be done! It is that simple. Now I am sure that someone will object and say that my ancestors were sold into slavery.  To be a slave, one has to accept that she/he is a slave. For example, if a parent says to the child, walk a certain because if you don’t, a police officer may stop or shoot you, what is the parent doing? The parent is already accepting that she/he is racist themselves. That parent is hence telling the child that someone will do or perform a racist act to them unless they behave in a certain way. This example goes back to the premise that if you start your day thinking you are a slave or will have a racist act done to you, you already have set the tone for your day and that of those around you. Slavery, from my perspective is hereditary. It is passed down from one generation to another. Once a slave, always a slave.  Parents stop the cycle for your own “world.” That same philosophy would apply to anything in life. The general drift of Ghandi’s famous saying: “When you change how you view yourself, the way in which the world views you changes. Everything in your life starts with you – well, actually your parents and their parents……  Somewhere, the cycle must be broken as nothing in the universe stays the same, ever! Part II to follow.

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