Choice vs Racism vs Slavery vs Mastery

Choice vs Racism vs Slavery vs Mastery – From my perspective…. there is no such thing as racism. Racism is in the mind (again I emphasize that)  Do I as a cracker (as some call me) whine about asians having a bigger brain than a white guy? No.. I create and think my world into being. …in other words…. I am a creationist and then I evolve. I will add this caveat….. How one treats another is all choice. So, no one on this planet is equal. There is no equality even within the same race… asians kill asians, whites kill whites, reds kills reds, blacks kill blacks. Being this is about blacks, I am so going there! Do most white people people give a crap what the blacks do or think? No.. we just do… why is it that blacks always play the race card? Poor me.. the whites did this to me.. the white did that to me.. .get a grip…. you blacks did it to yourself….

If one does research, you will find that one of the main seedings of humans were black.. You were only put here to be procreate and mine gold, in other words be slaves… every human on this planet is a slave – whites, blacks, asians.. whatever…. Blacks sold blacks long before the whites race came along. Who was the first slave owner in america? A black dude. So cut the crap and think what you have done to yourself.

Long before Africa was colonized, the blacks boned the blacks… So I perceive that there is no racism, only mastery and slavery. A master has a strong conviction of thought – a slave is weak and no conviction of thought. That brings me to the McGraw textbook from which there has been some “mindless uprising” – oh, what did the book say… wait… here it is…. as alluded to by the comment about the blacks were forced labour..(I am sure someone will have a pushback for me.. so bring it on) So some lady thought she needed to spew her apparent idea of truth and go out on a limb. Oh forced labour, no wages.. guess what? As an alleged cracker, I have to go out into the workforce and make money to pay for food, clothing, shelter – that was provided to the blacks that were apparently forced to come to america. Really? Forced? Everyone has a choice.. .go on a slave ship or get a gun or knife in the head? Yes, you blacks had a choice. Be free or be a slave. You all choose to be a slave….why? because you had no conviction of thought.. in other words – no balls. You choose to accept instead of object. Then what did you do? You had sex and had babies.. yes procreate… make more slaves with the full knowledge that your offspring would be slaves. You knowingly sold your children into slavery. It is the same as those in “3rd world” countries that cry poverty…. oh my poor children… and I guess the main stream media lapp that up….. they all have cell phones and TV’s but they gotta have kids – why? kids=money. Most humans know full well while they are having sex, that if they have a kid, they won’t be able to feed them – oh wait…. they can send their kids out and be slaves to someone else.

You all had a choice and you choose to be slaves by not having balls in life. You had a choice to take the easy road of a slave instead of standing up to the would be masters… You brought more slaves into the world knowingly. Shame on you… and now you blame it on the whites? Get a grip.

If you wake up every morning and think someone will do a “racist” act towards, guess what? It will happen. Why not get up and think and rule your own world… Quit blaming others for your crappy decisions of your ancestors… Have some balls in your life and take responsibility for your own life and create the world you so choose to live in. There is no one reality.. Your reality is truth to you as my reality is truth to me… There is a great YouTube video – a clay animation on the “Allegory of the Cave” – It is an interesting perspective.